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About the Film 

Before the Last Drop is a feature length awareness documentary that explores the symbiotic relationships of water and energy. Before the last drop focuses its story in Garfield County Colorado, where oil and gas development and the process of "Fracking" is threatening our much needed water supply. 

When population growth collides with climate change and the energy industry, who gets hurt and who pays the collision costs? When an insider working the gas drilling pads speaks out, who listens? And what about the ultimate insider, water?  What would water say if she could speak?​

Before the Last drop is a Joint project between Bujin Production and Faux Reel Films. The Film is being co-written, co-directed and co-produced by Austin Lottimer, Hamilton Pevec​ and Co-produced with Aaron Milton. 

Hamilton Pevec ( Co-Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer )

Hamilton Pevec is an Canadian American filmmaker who has written and produced a wide array of short films, music videos and documentaries. He spent two years producing documentaries for the Dalai Lama's Archive in India. He has produced and edited a documentary series in New Zealand, environmental films in Brazil, spiritual and social awareness films in Portugal and Nepal. He has also created conceptual art and written for Korean production companies.


About the Film Makers. 

Austin Lottimer ( Co-Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer )


Austin Lottimer is a professional photographer and film maker who loves the creative process from start to finish. Austin is sponsored by Olympus Cameras and represents Olympus as a Olympus Visionary. He started his love for film when he was 6 years old with his brother Maitland making short action films using his father’s old video camera. In high school he shot several extreme skate, BMX and sports videos in which he realized his passion for this multimedia art form. When he was 16 he started working professionally for “Good Time Golf” a travel golf adventure television series for Fox Sports. He started, learning his trade working on 52 episodes as a sound man and then moved up to camera operator. The next several years Austin worked on numerous independent projects in the film industry from key grip on a HD feature film to Editing commercials and stunt choreography. On his first try at a film festival he won first prize for a short at the Vail international Film Festival. Recently he and his brother started their own film company called Bujin Productions ( and have produced shorts, commercials, events, industrials and are now working on a documentary and developing their first feature film. Austin’s special interest includes music production, martial arts, sculpturing, fencing, archery and loves to ski anywhere.

Aaron Milton ( Co-Producer/ The Water Handler )

Facing financial hardships Aaron Milton, a father of three and resident of Glenwood Springs, CO, took a job as a water handler in the oil and gas industry for several months in 2012.
Despite his concerns with the health and environmental impacts associated with the industry Aaron knew he had to do something to support his family and took the position that was available. While working as a water handler, Aaron experienced first hand the hazardous conditions within the industry. He became disgruntle by the lack of safety precautions being administered by the industry and quit his job. Determined to bring to light the unsafe practices and hazardous health issues being faced by those working in the industry as well as to the surrounding community, Aaron began his own campaign to get the word out.
Since then he has spoken about the issue before various environmental groups, started his own grassroots watchdog group – Clean Water Communities, has been interviewed on the radio and has conducted environmental testing in Garfield County.
He is also the co-producer and subject of the documentary film “Before the Last Drop” – formerly known as – “The Water Handler,” and is the subject of Current television’s documentary, “Whistle Blowers.”
He is currently working with various grassroots groups to create legislature to regulate the oil and gas industry’s poor environmental practices and standards.
Aaron’s ultimate goal is to get flow back (produced) water classified as a toxic waste, safety procedures implemented for workers, full disclosure of chemicals used in drilling and fracking processes, closing the Halliburton loop hole, repealing the exemption of the oil and gas industry from the Safe Drinking Water Act and implementing air quality standards for communities.

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